The Great British Bark-Off! Dogs get their own deli

AT FIRST glance it looks like any other bakery but a closer inspection of the items for sale reveals it is anything but.

Lou Rodchenkova and her dog.
Lou Rodchenkova and her dog.

Inside the shop a counter displays different shapes and flavours of biscuit, cakes and gingerbread men but a more thorough examination reveals these treats have actually been made for four-legged friends whose owners believe they deserve the finer things in life.

The biscuits and cakes, shaped like bats, skulls, stars, hearts, farmyard animals and bones, are actually made with flavours including fish, pork, beef and liver. What could be sausage rolls are actually ‘porky rolls’ - a roll of pig skin, all baked with dogs very much in mind.

On top of the counter at The Fuzzy Dog bakery, in Whitby, are dog bowls filled with biscuits and bowls on the floor provide refreshment for pooches who are welcome in the shop for a peek at what is on offer. Canine accessories are also on sale, including toys and neckerchiefs.

Lou Rodchenkova, 44, had the idea for the doggy bakery after realising that her German Shepherd cross Lilliya didn’t like mass-produced chewy sweets. She is frequently in the kitchen baking treats including beefy bones.

She makes the doggy treats herself and began experimenting with her own recipes to satisfy Liliya’s sweet tooth, and before long, realised that there was a demand for gourmet treats.

Lou decided to give up her job working in child protection, in London, to move to the seaside town to open up a market stall selling her bakes.

Now she has opened up her very own shop, where dog owners can find something to satisfy even the fussiest of pooches.

Lou, originally from Sydney, said yesterday: “The reaction so far has been really, really good. It’s not just treats that I’m selling - I have all kinds of doggy gifts.

“The shop has been really busy so far and my bestselling Halloween treats are definitely my Bloody Bats, made out of chopped liver.

“I make all the treats in the shop myself. It’s not just savoury chews either - I have lots of sweet things, all made with natural ingredients like honey and peppermint - but no sugar.”

There are no additives in any of Lou’s bakes - and they look so enticing that some have even mistaken the bakery for a human one.

Lou said: “I had a lady come in the other day to tell me what a lovely bakery it was, she didn’t realise it was for dogs.

“Humans could eat the treats too but they wouldn’t taste as nice to us,” Lou added.

While Lou’s dog Lilliya sadly died a couple of months ago, her new pooch, German Shepherd cross Captain Jack is now the lucky recipient of Lou’s bakes - and he isn’t the only one enjoying them.

“Captain Jack is probably the biggest dog I’ve had in the shop, and the smallest was a little chihuahua. We have had lots of dogs come to visit. Dogs are so loving and faithful, they’re there for you when you come home and always listen to you.”

“My family and friends think it’s great. Some have even said they always knew I’d end up working with dogs as I love them so much.”