Great Yorkshire Show: Yorkshire Rows landlocked in Harrogate

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Rowers made famous by their record-breaking adventures crossing the Atlantic have taken their boat to a model beach at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Janette Benaddi and Helen Butters talked to the crowds about their adventures as part of a four-strong team, the oldest all-female crew to cross an ocean.

.Janette Benaddi (left) and Helen Butters from the Yorkshire Rows team

.Janette Benaddi (left) and Helen Butters from the Yorkshire Rows team

And, says Mrs Benaddi, 51, they are sorely tempted to start searching for a new challenge.

“We all want another adventure, which we never expected,” she said. “We all thought this would be a once in a lifetime trip. But now we want another.

360-degree picture of the boat

“It’s hard. When you have an adventure like that, can you ever really get back into normal life?”

The foursome spent 67 days, five hours and two minutes on board the boat, finishing their trip on February 26.

“We’ve had a massive amount of support,” said Mrs Benaddi as she met crowds at the show yesterday. “We wanted to share the adventure.”