Gregg is sweet on local chocolate factory

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York’s Nestlé factory produces an average of seven million chocolate bars every 24 hours.

The sheer scale of the production is shown in a new BBC Two film which highlights the nation’s seemingly insatiable appetite for chocolate which airs next week.

Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace features in Wednesday’s documentary at 8pm on BBC Two which shows previously unseen parts of the factory and gives a complete insight into how Kit Kats are made.

Wallace spent three days at the factory with a film crew who had access-all-areas, even flying a drone over the site. They followed the journey of the cocoa bean as it arrives at the factory, is processed, made into chocolate and then piped over to the Kit Kat factory before being wrapped and sent out on a lorry to supermarket shelves.

This is the first time viewers will have been given the chance to see how Kit Kats are made and it is probably the biggest piece of TV work Nestlé UK has ever been involved in. Inside the Factory: How our favourite foods are made, was shot almost entirely at Nestlé’s York factory.

The TV presenter worked with Vikki Geall, head confectioner, who taught him how to temper chocolate and showed him round the secret kitchen where new confectionery is developed. Wallace followed the whole process and even got harnessed into a giant crane to ride around the distribution warehouse which processes up to 8 million Kit Kats a day.

“Gregg asked why we don’t just use one recipe of chocolate for all our bars so I made him a Kit Kat with a different recipe of chocolate and he could see why we care so much about our recipe.

“It’s just right for the wafer.

“This is definitely secret stuff that we do in the innovation kitchen, not many people at Nestlé get to see what we do on a daily basis,” the head confectioner said.

Phil Ashley, Kit Kat expert at the factory said: “When the viewers see the program I think they’ll be amazed with the sheer scale; the amount of Kit Kats we make in here every single day, we make 4 million Kit Kats every on this side of the factory.”