Guard pays the price for others

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From: N Bywater, Morley, Leeds.

Mr Justice Holroyde jailed a train guard, Christopher McGee, for five years because he failed to ensure the safety of a 16-year-old girl (Yorkshire Post, November 16). Georgia Varley fell to her death whilst intoxicated through drink and drugs.

Analysis following her death showed she had 236mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood and also had the drug mephedrone in her system at the time of her death. She fell between the train carriage and platform at Liverpool James Street station in October 2011.

Christopher McGee is due to spend five years in jail for this tragic accident, while those who sold her illegal drugs and alcohol, go scot-free.

Twisted words

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I MUST defend myself against the backlash resulting from the report that I accused Catholics of having an obsession with sex (Yorkshire Post, November 12). Uncharacteristically, your heading twisted my words. I said that the Catholic Church had an obsession with sex. I could have added that I have first hand evidence that there are practising Catholics out there who agree with me.

Costly loans

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

Many poorer families may have a merry Christmas by being sucked in to the many 2,000-plus per cent interest loans now available. However, how miserable will 2013 be as they struggle to pay back the money and the high interest attached?

The Government should call a halt to these loan sharks.

Jail turnouts

From: Dai Woosnam, Woodrow Park, Scartho, Grimsby.

I SEE most of our MPs are against giving the vote to prisoners. How come? After all, it is the fastest-growing segment of our population. And with ever-declining turnouts, pretty soon they might be the only ones likely to vote.