Guerilla group puts up flag at town hall to say wool knittania

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A GROUP of guerilla knitters have descended on a Yorkshire town hall, adorning it with a host of Jubilee-inspired creations.

The mystery knitters decorated the square opposite Northallerton Town Hall overnight, hoisting a flag adorned with a woollen effigy of the Queen and two corgies onto the front of the building, as well as leaving knitted bunting, Union Jack cushions and benches decorated in red, white and blue.

The perpetrators have remained anonymous, save for a small tag indicating the characters had been created by “Northallerton’s ninja knitters and samurai stitchers”.

The group claims to have been inspired to leave the creations by the Saltburn Yarn Bombers – another guerilla team of knitters who anonymously decorated Saltburn pier with woollen Olympic athletes.

Yesterday Northallerton Town Council town clerk Sue Fraser said she was delighted with the work and urged the group to come forward so they could be thanked.

“We didn’t know anything about it,” she said.

“The night before we had a town hall management meeting and we were talking about decorating the building then we came back the next morning to find it had already been done for us.

“It has certainly made an impact and we have kept it all where it was left.

“The work has been gratefully received and we are very pleased with the quality of it.

“Whoever was behind it had clearly undertaken quite a big job.

“Just the other morning the department store over the road put up a big picture of the Queen and now we have this.

“It seems a bit more is going up every day.”

Ms Fraser added: “There are a number of things going on here for the Jubilee and it will certainly help with the events in the town hall.”

The knitting was left some time between 11pm on Monday and the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Northallerton councillor Jack Dobson described it as “splendid”.