Harrogate restaurant owner gives birth just hours after trying her new curry

Alison trialling the new curry just hours before she gave birth.
Alison trialling the new curry just hours before she gave birth.
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A pregnant Harrogate restaurant owner has given birth to her first baby only hours after trying a new curry dish on her menu.

The new Pork Belly Vindaloo at the Cats Pyjamas, Albert Street, Harrogate, proved its inducing powers when owner, Alison White, took part in tasting trials for the dish and went into labour just a few hours later.

Alison in labour.

Alison in labour.

Four days overdue with medical intervention having done nothing to help, Alison decided to take matters into her own hands.

Back to work, just five days after giving birth, she said: ”We’ve all heard the old wives tale of curry bringing on labour - and naturally I was curious due to the business I’m in.

"I was fed up of being pregnant and just wanted to get on with work - I was expanding the business at the same time as my waistline was expanding and I worked right up to going into hospital.

"The tasting was just another day in the office - and we had decided to roll to the vindaloo offering it for free to all overdue mums to be.

Baby Elsie.

Baby Elsie.

"I was our first customer, and six hours later I was in the hospital, a proud mum to our little girl, thanks to our new vindaloo! It’s quite fitting really as I am a workaholic, so it makes sense that this is how my labour would happen”.

Eating spicy curry is thought to stimulate the bowel and so encourage contractions in the nearby uterus.

Elsie Baron was born weighing 8lb 5ounces to Alison and partner Paul, owner of fast food chain, I am Doner.

The Pork Belly Vindaloo is now available for free, for overdue mums-to-be in the Harrogate and York restaurants (terms and conditions apply).