Harrogate road delays as cold snap bites

Temperatures hit an icy -5c in Harrogate this morning as Harrogate drivers - and buses - slowed to a crawl in the coldest day of winter so far.

Drivers were cautious on Harrogate's roads in the icy conditions.

Despite lighter traffic with some schools having already broken up in town for Christmas, the major roads into the town centre were still clogged up as traffic took a cautious approach on icy roads.The congestion effected buses, too, and The Harrogate Bus Company posted that some of its most popular services - our 1A, 1B and 1C buses - were experiencing delays.Harrogate temperatures have now risen to 0c but are expected to fall back this afternoon from 4pm.Overnight temperatures locally tonight into Tuesday will drop to -2C and tomorrow will be another cold day, though, perhaps, a smidgen warmer than of late.There may have been very minor snow flurries in Harrogate yesterday, Sunday, but the good news for drivers is that snow is not forecast at all this week.

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