Has Gove passed the test with his plans for state education?

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From: AW Clarke, Wold Croft, Sutton on Derwent, East Yorkshire.

IT is hardly surprising that Lady Morgan is so miffed at being dropped as head of Ofsted since she has been provided with several nice little political appointments since 2005 after most of her working life had been spent working for the Labour Party in various jobs.

Please note that she was never elected. Each of her jobs have been found through her “connections” though she did manage to teach for all of four years, hardly qualifying her as an expert in education.

It must be quite galling for her to suddenly find herself cast adrift without a nice income provided by the public purse.

Incidentally, this champion of the state education system is said to have had a son at a private school though as this is information gleaned from the internet I cannot be sure if it is true.

Though I have no particular admiration for Michael Gove, I do think that the Opposition have a bit of a cheek when 80 per cent of public appointments during their tenure were to Labour supporters. What goes around comes around and Lady Morgan and her party should stop their whining.

From: Walt Emsley, Leeds.

MICHAEL Gove has removed Baroness Morgan from her role as chairwoman of Ofsted. This, in spite of general agreement that she is doing an excellent job.

He gives his reason as wishing to bring a fresh mind to the position. Is it likely that a major high street company would replace the chairman who was doing an excellent job in order to “refresh” the company?

From: Robert Reynolds, West Bank, Batley, West Yorkshire.

EDUCATION Secretary Michael Gove wants state schools to raise their standards to that of public schools. My daughter has attended both. The first thing you notice, when comparing the two, are the number of children in class.

Class sizes in private schools are roughly 10 children per teacher. In a state school, it’s about 30.

The maths of this situation is simple. It seems to myself that the Education Secretary wants our state teachers to achieve miracles not seen since Jesus fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fishes! And so my message to Mr Gove is a simple one. Find the money to do the job.

Obviously, at a time when the Tories are slashing public spending and getting nowhere, this will not happen. It’s all pathetic hot air and nonsense. It highlights again, how out of touch the modern Conservative Party is with many things.

Mr Gove should be forced to resign immediately.