Have fun but win too says Michelle Obama

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US First Lady Michelle Obama has delivered her own personal good luck message to Team USA.

Mrs Obama, who is leading the US presidential delegation, urged America’s athletes to “have fun, breathe a bit, but also win”, as she met them at their training base at the University of East London.

Sporting a patriotic red top and a white jacket with red stripes, she wished her Olympians good luck at a breakfast event yesterday.

“I can’t believe I am here, I am beyond proud,” she said.

“I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is for me to be leading the delegation.”

She urged the Olympians to “try and have some fun”.

“You all take advantage of everything – stop, look around you,” she advised. “In my position sometimes I don’t get a chance to breathe, take it in.

“Try to have fun, breathe a bit, but also win.”

She spoke of her fond memories of the Olympics and told the athletes they were inspiring a new generation.

“We are all proud of you all, we really are,” she added.

“You have got a country back home who is rooting for you every single second, so you have already won.”

After posing for photos with the athletes, Mrs Obama went on to a sporting event at the US Ambassador’s residence for about 1,000 US military children as well as US and UK students who met sports stars from both nations including David Beckham.