Have you seen a missing 'exotic' hybrid cat in Leeds?

Omar, a male hybrid Savannah cat.
Omar, a male hybrid Savannah cat.

Leeds residents are being asked to keep an eye out for a distinctive, exotic cat which has gone missing.

Omar, a male hybrid Savannah cat, went missing from a home in Horsforth earlier this week and his owner is now appealing for help for the five-year-old to be found and safely returned.

He is slightly larger and taller than a domestic cat, and features the distinct pointed ears of the African Serval cat he is related to.

Because of his exotic breed, Omar is licensed as a wild animal but he has been a domestic pet all his life and is not considered to be any risk to livestock or the public.

The owner has appealed for information about Omar through leaflets and social media, as well as making the police, RSPCA and local vets aware.

If he is seen, people are asked to call 07973 340 022.