Headingley attitude is turning families away

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From: Michael Ridgway, Ghyll Wood, Ilkley.

I WRITE in furtherance to your piece (The Yorkshire Post, June 21) relating to empty seats at Headingley, which was also reported quite extensively in 
the national Press, and a 
threat to holding future Test matches.

Having attended two enjoyable days at the Test over the weekend, a greater attendance on the first day would have been welcome to the Headingley authorities.

What was not welcome, however, was the officious approach by the security staff to paying customers.

They quite gleefully confiscated soft drinks containers from families, 
placing them into rubbish containers at the turnstile entrances.

If Headingley wants more people to attend Test matches, let there be greater customer friendliness.

At Lord’s, which I also attended for the earlier Test, moderate quantities of alcohol including cans of beer are admitted to the ground together with soft drinks.

If those in the South can treat customers as adults, why cannot the YCCC do the same for responsible individuals?

Hiding behind an ICC ruling on such matters does not deter Lord’s, nor should it at Headingley.