A&E patients avoid hospital admission thanks to new service

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DEDICATED TEAMS have begun working at two Yorkshire hospitals to prevent accident and emergency patients requiring admission to hospital.

Staff arrange on-the-spot nursing care or help at home for patients being treated in casualty units in Dewsbury and Huddersfield who are at risk of being admitted to hospital without extra support. Doctors and nurses in A&E can refer patients to an admissions avoidance nurse who arranges ongoing care at home.

Tina Quinn, director of clinical and operational services for social enterprise Locala Community Partnerships, which provides community healthcare for people in and around Kirklees, said the team took advantage of latest technology to provide the service.

“This is a really important and very new service but already in the few days it has been available the team has been able to help prevent some patients being admitted because we have been able to contact colleagues and make appointments electronically to arrange packages of healthcare,” she said.

“When a patient is referred to the team one of our nurses – using their laptop and our secure confidential system – will be able to access the patient’s notes and liaise with their Locala colleagues to schedule the required home visits. This helps to reassure the patient that the ongoing care they need has already been organised before they get home.

The way the admissions avoidance team works closely with others in the hospital is also a really good example of what’s become known as integrated healthcare. It’s about working with partner organisations to provide a seamless service with the ultimate benefit being experienced by the patient.”