Appeal launched to keep hi-tech brain surgery robot in Yorkshire

Consultant neurosurgeon Dev Bhattacharyya with the robot.
Consultant neurosurgeon Dev Bhattacharyya with the robot.
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A Yorkshire hospital is set to lead the way in brain surgery as a hi-tech robot could transform the lives of patients.

A £250,000 fundraising appeal has been launched to secure the future of the most advanced surgical robot of its kind at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s neurological centre of excellence.

The ROSA surgical assistant robot works like a GPS system to provide neurosurgeons with extraordinarily accurate 3D maps of the brain, allowing them to reach areas they could not get to before.

It brings new hope to people with poorly-controlled epilepsy, deep-seated brain tumours, Parkinson’s Disease and other complex brain disorders.

The Royal Hallamshire is the only NHS hospital in the UK to have the equipment, but to keep the ROSA in Sheffield, charity Neurocare needs to raise £250,000 in six months.

Sheffield consultant neurosurgeon Mr Dev Bhattacharyya said: “I’ve been a neurosurgeon for 17 years and it is amazing to see how accurate the robot it is.”

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