Digital first for baby as iPads replace paper

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A ONE-year-old baby boy has become the first patient in hospitals in Bradford to have electronic medical records.

Robin Moffat, from Leeds, who was born profoundly deaf, was presented with a certificate to mark the occasion when he visited the trust’s cochlear implant outpatients department.

His consultant Dave Strachan said the transfer to electronic medical records from paper records has “huge benefits for all”.

“Patients will get a more efficient and secure system while staff will be able to access records at the touch of a button, across all sites,” he said.

“For doctors like myself, digitising records and accessing them via computers or iPads will be the single biggest and most significant change to clinical practice that we will see during our working lifetime.”

The drive to replace thousands of paper patient records at the Bradford Royal Infirmary, St Luke’s Hospital and Bradford’s four community hospitals with electronic ones is a huge task which will continue for two years.

Hospital managers believe the huge scale of the switch means it will take a decade before it is completely paper-free.