Family seek to reclaim £45,000 specialist care costs

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GRANDMOTHER Barbara Brogdon worked all her life – and even well into her retirement years.

But the NHS never picked up the costs of her healthcare as her condition deterioriated due to dementia until she died in February 2009, aged 78.

Now her family are seeking to claim back £45,000 which they paid as part of the costs of her care.

Her son Paul said he was shocked to discover her care should have been funded by the NHS due to changes to her health.

The family had sold her home in Holbeck, Leeds, in 2001 to help her pay for sheltered accommodation before she moved into a care home and was later transferred to another at Methley, near Leeds, which could give her the specialist round-the-clock care that she needed.

He said: “My mother was in a nursing home because she was very ill and required intensive nursing care.

“I was simply told that as she had savings and a house, she had to pay for her own nursing home fees. No other option was given.

“She had paid in all this money through work and my father, who worked on the railway, had as well and then she was expected to pay all this out, which didn’t seem right to me.

“I always wondered if we had to pay and clearly we shouldn’t.”

Health chiefs in Leeds have now agreed her care needs should have been funded.

Andrew Farley, director at Manchester-based Farley Dwek Solicitors which is representing the family among 250 retrospective claims for NHS continuing care, said: “Like hundreds of other sons and daughters who have seen their parents struggle to meet the costs of care home fees in the latter stages of life, Mr Brogdon has had to battle hard for something to which his family is and always has been fully entitled to.

“It is unfair that hard-working families should have to pay for the mistakes made by the NHS and the primary care trusts.”