Keyhole op pioneer 
set to retire

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ONE of the pioneers of keyhole surgery in the North of England is retiring after more than 40 years in the NHS.

Peter Moore, 64, of Ulceby, was famed for introducing keyhole surgery to Scunthorpe, after raising more than £100,000 to buy the equipment.

Mr Moore, who is to hang up his scrubs at the end of the month, said: “It was real groundbreaking stuff at the time as we no longer had to open patients up and instead used cameras to navigate our way round.

“The advances in surgery has been immense over the years. CT was only just invented and MRIs didn’t exist.

“I ended up on the front page of the Daily Telegraph as I was the first person in the UK to do a double major operation using keyhole surgery. Myself and a former colleague not only removed a gallbladder but we also carried out a hysterectomy at the same time.”

Mr Moore, the trust’s lead for paediatric surgery, said he had loved every minute of his career.

He said: “I always think to myself how my mum or dad would have liked to be treated, and that is how I like to treat everyone.”