Living room on region’s newest hospital ward a ‘first in the UK’, say managers

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A BRAND new hospital ward for frail elderly patients is set to open in Yorkshire complete with a fireplace, sofas and mock window with mood lighting.

Managers say the 16-bed Stirling Ward at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, which will welcome its first patients on Monday, is a first in the UK with its living room designed to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Each room has mood lighting to mirror the time of day. A large bathroom, kitchen and dining area has also been created for patients, carers and relatives.

Hospital chief executive Mike Pinkerton said he was proud of the initiative which marked a “new era” in care.

He said: “The Stirling Ward’s philosophy and design is to deliver an enhanced assessment and healing environment for our frail older patients, helping them become more independent, and mobile, with less fear and confusion.”

Patients will undergo urgent specialist assessment on the ward for 48 hours before being transferred into the community or for further hospital care.

Rod Kersh, clinical director for the care of older people, said: “Long periods in hospital can be harmful for older frail patients where they feel that they should stay in bed and become dependent and as a result start to deteriorate with the possibility of not being able to return home.”