Video: Nicola’s ‘asthma’ may kill her without a heart transplant

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A SERIOUSLY-ILL Hull woman misdiagnosed with asthma as a child has now been told she may die unless she has a heart and lung transplant.

Nicola Bennett, 38, suffers with rare illness pulmonary hypertension, a condition which prevents blood from flowing freely through the heart and lungs.

Nicola Bennett. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Nicola Bennett. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

It forces her to live her life on an oxygen tank and a cocktail of experimental drugs.

As a child her breathlessness was put down to asthma. It wasn’t until she had a heart attack at just 15-years old that medics realised her condition was far worse.

There is no known cure for her illness and without the dual transplant Miss Bennett has been told she could die from organ failure in just a few years’ time.

She is hoping to raise more awareness about pulmonary hypertension by organising a charity fun day next May at Hull’s KC Stadium.