Healthcare firm’s new ap could free up doctors

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A Harrogate-based healthcare company may have come up with a new technology that will dramatically free-up the workload of hard-pressed doctors.

Inhealthcare has revealed new programming technology that will allow doctors to build and launch their own health apps.

The company has invented an easy-to-use toolkit that provides a simple set of building blocks for the rapid development and deployment of services for the NHS.

It is the latest innovation from the stable of businesses owned by Peter Wilkinson, the Yorkshire entrepreneur responsible for a series of advances in consumer technology including Planet Online, Sports Internet and Freeserve.

Mr Wilkinson said: “This invention has the potential to transform the way that the NHS deals with long-term conditions and gives doctors the power to quickly and easily take control of their growing workloads.

“If the Government is serious about delivering a modern healthcare system it should embrace this opportunity and deploy the system throughout the NHS and unleash rapid improvements in patient wellbeing and staff productivity.”

The new technology enables people with ideas for apps or service improvements to develop, test, roll out, monitor and manage their own healthcare services and predict demand and outcomes.

One example is the annual flu vaccination programme. Inhealthcare’s toolkit empowered clinicians in the North East to develop a digital service that targets people at risk, contacts them at home, books them into a flu clinic and then tracks each patient to ensure they were successfully vaccinated. Clinicians used the toolkit to develop an app for the vaccination team to help run their clinics.

The end-to-end design process was complete within a day.