Heated debate on right word

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From: L Scaife, Harrogate

A FELLOW Harrogate resident, Mrs Beryl Williams submitted a letter to you (Yorkshire Post, September 15) where she states that lambs born in the middle of winter suffer and die from “hyperthermia”.

Surely if the lambs allegedly suffer from “hyperthermia” they would be very warm and comfortable rather than cold 
and in danger?

If, however they suffered 
from “hypothermia” I could understand her cause for concern.

Plan friction

From: PJ Franks, Kingsley Avenue, Adel.

THE decision of the coalition Government to abolish planning regulations leads me to fear the mental balance of the Government to be suspect.

An inevitable consequence would be friction and instability between local government and state departments. Any change requires consultation with the wider public.

Clegg’s error

From: Robert Stevens, Bootham Crescent, York.

To put the point made by Alan Carcas (Yorkshire Post, September 14) another, 
simpler way: why, oh why, 
could Nick Clegg not have 
joined forces with Gordon 
Brown to keep those damned Tories out?

Best of British

From: Harry Tooley, Cobb Court, Swinton.

through the Yorkshire Post, this 90-plus-year-old would 
like to say to our Olympian 
and Paralympian athletes a 
big thank you.

You are the Best of British from Yorkshire!