Heatwave to be ended with a bang as thunder and lightning storms hit Yorkshire

The heatwave across Leeds is going to end with a crash and a bang - as huge thunderstorms roll in late on Saturday.

Lightning will hit Leeds
Lightning will hit Leeds

As news broke this week about the sub zero snap which is heading our way, it turns out we're going to have to battle with thunder and lightning first.

The forecast for Saturday

Things will start out well enough. Sunny spells and highs of 19 degrees through the day will give you plenty of reason to head to the beach

Lightning will hit Leeds

But sadly, it won't last. The sun will start to go in from about 2pm, leading to clouds

Mega thunder and lightning

The thunder will roll in from about 9pm, with heavy thunderstorms, rain and lightning all expected in the evening along with wind.

Lightning will hit Leeds

What the Met Office says:


"Early mist patches dispersing to leave another dry day with plenty of warm sunshine. High cloud may spread northwards later, culminating in a risk of heavy, potentially thundery evening showers. Maximum temperature 21 °C."

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

This period starting fine, but soon becoming more changeable and breezier. While some sunny spells are still possible, it will be cloudier and cooler with a little rain at times.