Held to political ransom as Salmond outwits Westminster

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From: M Dobson, Feversham Crescent, York.

The Government sets great store by the fact that it never pays ransoms to anybody for anything. That is until Scottish devolution comes along. We now have the Government effectively held to ransom by the “Yes” campaign and what is the response? “You name it and you can have it. Anything you want but please, please don’t vote for devolution.” It is bad enough that Saltires are flying over England in a misguided idea that this will somehow turn the tide in favour of a “No” vote.

The Union is already dead in the water. It started sinking the moment Scotland got it’s first tranche of devolutionary powers. When part of the British Isles has different taxes, benefits, social and health care and further education from the rest of the country, to misquote the politicians, we are no longer “in it all together.”

Alex Salmond must be laughing all the way to the ballot box. He has outwitted the Westminster politicians hands down. If it’s a “Yes” vote he has what he wants. A “No” vote gets him Devo Max which is virtual devolution without the pain.

I personally hope that the Scots vote for devolution. Not only will it bring an end to the Barnett Formula but we can have then an English Parliament concentrating on what is right for England instead of trying to be all things to all men.

From: Sylvia Haddon, Ilkley.

WE are only a small island in a small world so we should support one another while we can. If we do not realise this and act accordingly, it is a sad state of affairs.

From: TM Driffield, Thirsk.

The tail has wagged the dog for some time. Every time the Labour or Liberal parties are involved in government, the Scots have been over-represented, and Scotland has received special treatment, be it by the Barnett Formula or by increased power to spend UK tax money. I hope the Scots do stay with us, as they are a canny race, and know which side their bread is buttered. If they do decide to leave the Union, they must leave empty handed.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

WHO thought it advisable to send John Prescott to Scotland to support the Better Together campaign? It’s a good job the live Sky News feed was cut off halfway through his rally, or Alex Salmond would already be preparing for victory.