‘Help us to celebrate all that is so special in our truly unique and special county’

Keith Madeley
Keith Madeley
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THE Yorkshire Society, is a not-for-profit, membership organisation that represents the best Yorkshire has to offer for people who live, work, visit or invest in the area.

The society has something to offer all who join and encourages organisations and individuals alike to play their rightful part in Yorkshire’s future development and success. This year the Yorkshire Society will celebrate its 35th anniversary and it is still the only regional organisation whose members include companies, charities, not-for-profit organisations, local councils and individuals.

The society seeks out partnership organisations and is very keen to work with those seeking to build and benefit all aspects of life in Yorkshire.

The society not only has to work in the present but need to look to the future needs of the region and people within it. This fundamental endeavour provides a platform on which to positively engage with young people in order to inspire innovation, develop social responsibility and encourage a culture of enterprise and respect. In turn, this initiative will allow young people to establish their identity in a positive and constructive way providing them with the confidence to socially integrate and constructively contribute to their community.

To provide stability and opportunities for growth and development, the towns, villages and cities of Yorkshire will benefit by working together to formulate a cohesive force which will benefit the region as a whole. Therefore, the society looks forward to working in particular with the 4 Local Enterprise Partnerships of Yorkshire.

Chairman Keith Madeley says: “There are hidden gems all across Yorkshire waiting for discovery and support. I am in the happy position of being invited to visit and experience many of these treasures. During June we visited Corporate Member Tennants Auctioneers in Leyburn to see their new and exciting extension to their premises. In membership lies strength, not just for the society but for the members themselves who have the opportunity to engage with other members both corporate and individual, to share ideas, problems, successes and this gives sustainability and ever-improvement in best practice.”

For several years the Yorkshire Society has included an awards ceremony at the annual dinner programme. There are five categories which recognise what individuals and organisations have achieved from and within the county. These are, Arts & Culture, Charity, Community Engagement, Company and Media Personality. The society acknowledges that there are a number of different awards dinners taking place each year but also believes that you cannot thank people enough for the extra work they do for the benefit of all those around them.

It is, therefore, always pleased to receive nominations from members and the general public.

The society is also proud of its many vice-presidents and is constantly on the lookout for those individuals who have achieved success throughout their careers.

The vice-presidents act as ambassadors and help promote the Yorkshire Society’s aims and objectives.

Our most recent vice-president is Dame Judi Dench.

The Yorkshire Society and civic heads from across the county are looking forward to celebrating Yorkshire Day today in Doncaster, an area of the county experiencing a number of recent successes.

Anyone interested in membership please e mail to info@yorkshiresociety.org.uk for further details.