Here's why super-fast internet could reach 'nearly every building in Leeds'

A 'step change in internet speed and quality' across Leeds being planned '“ and an idea for a new data hub which is vital to the developer's vision is being proposed in Pudsey.


Tech company CityFibre has applied to create a new centre next to Radley House in Richardshaw Road, Stanningley.

Developers say the facility, along with others in Leeds, would “future-proof” the city economic growth in the digital era using fibre connections – a broadband internet advancement boasting super-fast speeds.

In a statement, the company said: “CityFibre is planning on expanding their network within the wider Leeds area which will transform the entire city’s digital landscape, bringing full-fibre connectivity within reach of nearly every building in the city.

“This will not only deliver extensive fibre but provide a step change in internet speed and quality, and a future-proof platform for economic growth in the digital age.

“As part of this expansion, data centres, hosting high speed servers are being established including on land adjacent to Radley House.

“The stand-alone compound use of the building in this manner is essential to the roll out of fibre internet connections across the city for the forthcoming months and years.”

The building would be a “centralised repository” used to store, manage and disseminate data and information connected to the company’s network operations.

CityFibre says it has major fibre infrastructure projects across 51 towns and cities throughout the UK.

The company has applied to Leeds City Council for permission to build, with a decision possibly made by October 15.