Hero has tiny replicas of medals made for baby son

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Military hero Johnson Beharry has had tiny replicas of his medals made for his newborn son Ayden.

Sergeant Beharry, 34, became the first recipient of the Victoria Cross (VC) for 36 years in 2005 after risking his life to save comrades in Iraq.

In an interview with Hello!, he said he had no idea that he would one day become a father.

Beharry told the magazine: “Before Iraq I never imagined being a dad. I lived on the edge and thought it was inevitable that I would die.

“I wonder how I survived. Everyone tells me I must be here for a reason. Maybe it is my work with my charity. But it’s also for Ayden.”

Beharry, who still bears the scars of his ordeal, including a titanium plate in his skull, married second wife Mallissa in March, only five months after they met.