Hi-tech system on cue to cut queues says Morrisons

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MORRISONS said its new “Intelligent Queue Management” system led to the opening of a further 1,400 tills this Christmas, reducing queues at the checkout and stress for shoppers.

The Bradford-based supermarket is the only retailer to use infrared sensors at store entrances and above the checkout lanes to monitor customer numbers and queuing behaviour.

Morrisons said the system helped it reduce waiting 

The system enabled checkout managers to predict when shoppers would arrive at the checkouts so that tills were open when they got there.

It also meant that stores could take staff off the tills during quieter periods and redeploy them elsewhere in the store.

Morrisons’ retail programmes director Sylvia Jones said: “We’re the only supermarket to have this predictive Intelligent Queue Management, which alerts our checkout managers when to call-up more staff to the checkouts. It helps us to manage our queues before they form and was essential this Christmas.”

Morrisons sold 70,000 fresh whole turkeys, 2,000 tonnes of sprouts, 2.5 million packs of stuffing and 1.1 million jars of cranberry sauce over Christmas.

Its fishmongers sold 17,000 dressed lobsters and 9.1 tonnes of Christmas tree smoked salmon while 2.6 million packs of pâté and 389,064 individual pearl battered prawns were eaten as starters and snacks.

The traditional Christmas pudding continued to prove popular as an end to the festive feast with over 1.2 million being sold along with over 77,000 tubs of brandy butter.

Some 41.6 million individual mince pies were sold, along with 140,000 Christmas tree breads and over 310,000 freshly baked stollens.

Shoppers bought more than 407,000 litres of champagne and 18.5 million litres of wine.