Historic train routes puff out of Whitby

THE NORTH York Moors Railway is one of the county’s proudest institutions and Whitby one of the its most recognisable and iconic spots.

PIC: Tony Bartholomew

So, when two steam engines lined up alongside each other at the town’s station – the first time this has happened in more than half a century – there were predictably large crowds along the route.

The engines headed out of the coastal town to Grosmont, with passengers having been able to see the trains prepared and made ready for the launch as well as ride on the footplate.

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The first route comes ahead of the launch of a new public timetable today which will run for the coming weeks.

© Tony Bartholomew 07802 400651/[email protected] PICTURE COPYRIGHT TONY BARTHOLOMEW 15th August 2014 A pair of steam locomotives No. 45428 Eric Treacy and No. 61264 masquerading as classmate No. 61034 Chiru (to mark the 60th anniversary of the last train between Whitby and Stockton hauled by this engine on 13th June 1954), in the North Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby where a second passenger platform was officially opened today (Friday 15th August). It is thought to be the first time in 50 years that two steam locos where in the station together. The new platform launched and run by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway means that the number of trains running into Whitby from the heritage railway will increase from three to five a day.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is still the only heritage railway in the UK that runs over both the network rail and their own heritage line.

A spokesman said: “We would love to have your presence at this monumental moment in the history of the NYMR, bringing more trains into Whitby since the line to Malton was axed through Beeching and creating more jobs and bringing more income into North Yorkshire.”

For more information visit www.nymr.co.uk.