Holidaymakers’ health still suffers three years after sewage horror

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TWO holidaymakers from Yorkshire are still struggling to overcome symptoms nearly three years after their sunshine break was ruined by illness.

Three other tourists have had their claims settled after their holiday in the Dominican Republic was ruined in May 2009 by gastric illness.

It is claimed Lynn and Nigel Bryett, Michael Edwards, his wife Linzie and their three-year-old son Zak, from Doncaster, faced appalling conditions at the Grand Oasis Hotel.

The group say there were served under-cooked food and saw animals including dogs and birds in the kitchens before a storm left several hotel rooms flooded with sewage.

They claim they were forced to clean up themselves after staff refused to help.

Tour operator Thomas Cook has settled claims for three of the holidaymakers but has yet to settle the remaining claims of the Bryetts who continue to suffer from symptoms including stomach pains and diarrhoea.

Mr Edwards, 49, said: “My health has been severely impacted as a result of the holiday. The general state of the hotel was appalling and the fact that my wife was left to clean sewage out of our room herself is unforgiveable.

“The storm left us ankle deep in water, which was not only unhygienic, but also dangerous. We went on holiday to relax, but the reality could not have been further from it.”

Sonehal Kooner, a travel law expert from legal firm Irwin Mitchell which is representing them, said: “Basic standards of both food and hygiene are the minimum expectation at any hotel, let alone a luxury island resort.

“The conditions at the Dominican resort fell far short of these expectations.

“Having to clean their own rooms of sewage is utterly unacceptable at any level.

“We would urge the tour operator to work with us to amicably settle the remaining claims.”

A spokeswoman for Thomas Cook UK & Ireland said it would continue to liaise with the families’ legal team.

“It is always disappointing for anyone to be unwell whilst they are on holiday and we always take any reports of illness from our customers seriously,” she said.