Hopes of fewer job losses as college grapples with £2.4m budget cuts

FEWER redundancies than anticipated are set to be made at Rotherham College, which has been forced to reduce its budget from £24m to £21.6m in the next financial year.

It has been announced that 46 posts are set to be made redundant, rather than the previously-anticipated 70, and the college has now entered into consultation with its staff on the job losses.

A college spokesman said yesterday that applications for next year are “buoyant” and the organisation is “well-prepared to adapt to the changing environment in which it expects to operate”.

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Principal and chief executive Gill Alton said: “It is always sad news when announcing any proposals for job cuts and we will do all that we can to offer support for those affected by the proposals.

“We originally anticipated that we would need to make 70 redundancies but are now planning to make a total of 46. Whilst this is fewer than originally planned, I recognise the impact that this will have on people affected and we will continue to do everything we can to offer our support.

“Restructuring the college is about safeguarding the provision for the future and positioning the college so that it remains able to operate effectively in what we know is a difficult environment with tough economic conditions.

“The college needs to be able to deliver learning and skills that will help make the difference and will provide opportunities for people to succeed.

“The restructuring process will be complete by July 2011 and leave the college with a budget of £21.6m. Our curriculum plan for the coming years includes continuing to offer a full range of full and part-time courses.”