Horse sense over burgers

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From: Stephen Minall, Director of Moving Food Ltd, Radlett, Herts.

WITH the cost of landfill taxes, the expense of disposing of waste and the need to feed those out of work, why didn’t Tesco and the other retailers just say: “Hands up, we have a problem here with our burgers. They are 100 per cent safe. For those on a tight budget or who are not adverse to a bit of horse we are selling them off at 10p each!”

Surely that would have brought the same level of debate/press and publicity but saved the expense of a giant recall, while at the same time providing some excellent and cheap family meals?

Price point

From: John Pashley, Westcliffe Avenue, Baildon.

ONE must wonder whether Morrisons’ CEO Dalton Philips is on this earth. The location of Lakeland stores indicates that their target market is different from the one which until recently made Morrisons successful.

It is significant that there are no Lakeland stores in Bradford, Wigan or Barnsley. Philips should have gone through the Lakeland catalogue, compared the prices with those of equivalent products elsewhere and then questioned whether the majority of Morrisons customers will accept that the cachet of the Lakeland name justifies a more expensive product.

It is obvious that he has not.

Firing line

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I HAVE been waiting in vain for Bill Carmichael to say “I told you so” following the school massacre in the USA.

After a similar event in Virginia in 2007, he argued that lives might have been saved if staff had been armed, as was the case in some other establishments in that State. Is it too much to hope that he has changed his mind?