Hospital admissions due to alcohol are increasing

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RATES of hospital admissions related to alcohol are continuing to rise.

They have more than doubled since 2002/03 and risen 9 per cent in the last year alone, data published by Local Alcohol Profiles for England has revealed.

In England in 2002/03, there were 926 admissions per 100,000 people for conditions attributable to alcohol, rising to 1,898 in 2010/11. In 2009/10, the figure was 1,743 per 100,000.

London has seen the biggest jump in the last year, at 14 per cent, followed by the East of England with a 10 per cent increase. Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott said that the Government needed to “get a grip” on binge-drinking.

Ms Abbott said: “This Government is rapidly pushing us towards a binge-drinking crisis. A recent report predicted binge-drinking will cost the NHS £3.8 billion by 2015, with 1.5 million A&E admissions a year.”

But Health Secretary Andrew Lansley added: “The rises show Labour took their eye off the ball on tackling alcohol abuse during their 13 years in power.”