Hospital protesters ‘to target city bank’

PROTESTERS have warned that they intend to “transform a bank in Sheffield city centre into a hospital” today as part of “direct action” against planned NHS reforms.

UK Uncut, which gained notoriety after 145 protesters were arrested during a sit-in at London’s Fortnum and Mason store on March 26, said it planned to occupy banks in at least 35 towns and cities, with a protest also planned for Leeds.

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The group did not say which branches it would be targeting, but said the day of action, dubbed The Emergency Operation, would see activists arrive dressed in operating theatre scrubs.

UK Uncut spokesman and health worker Rosie Beech, 29, said: “David Cameron said he wasn’t going to cut the NHS. He lied, and 50,00 NHS staff will lose their jobs while the taxpayer continues to subsidise the banks.

“We want to know why the Government is cutting the NHS and privatising what is left, rather than forcing our broken banking system to pay up.”