Hour behind the times?

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From: Mrs R Allen, The Close, Cotherstone, County Durham.

PLEASE inform the Rev Neil McNicholas that he is not alone with his views of Woman’s Hour (Yorkshire Post, February 12). It is indeed anachronistic.

This is the opinion of a 92-year-old woman who has had a happy life as a female and feels fortunate to have many friends of both genders.

Does anyone actually wait for the programme?

Polished Brass

From: Janet Berry, Hambleton, Selby.

I HAVE just been to see a brilliant production of Brassed Off at Theatre Royal York. I enjoyed the film so much with Stephen Tompkinson and Pete Postlethwaite I wondered how it would stand up but need not have been concerned.

Danny was played by John McArdle and Phil by Andrew Dunn of Dinner Ladies fame. It was very sad, amusing, poignant and the brass band was superb. Do go and see it if you can. It is playing until March 1 and well worth seeing.

Latte louts?

From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

ONE day last summer my wife and I were in a pub watching the world go by when a large man approached the bar. You will get the stereotype: skinhead; bulging biceps, pectorals, thighs and belly; tight white T shirt; tight blue jeans; immaculate white trainers; waddling gait. We had already made a value judgment of this customer to be a potential lager lout when he made his order: “Could I have a Latte please?”

Don Booker is right (Yorkshire Post, February 13), these poncey new beverages are taking over, but it isn’t only the good old cup of tea that is being pushed to the back of the queue.