How a CV make-over can help you win your next job

Making the right impression matters.
Making the right impression matters.
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Searching for the job you want can be frustrating in today’s competitive market. According to a recent government survey, UK employment figures at an all-time high since records began.

With only two per cent of applications progressing to the interview stage, the emphasis on the standard of your CV can not be ignored says Daniel Evans CEO of CV writing company CV People: “The way we apply for jobs has changed drastically over the last 15 years with over 90 per cent of applications being online.

“This has pros and cons in that it’s certainly easier to find and apply for more opportunities, but you’re also facing a lot more competition. LinkedIn is an excellent way to be found by recruiters and hiring managers, so a well optimised profile is an absolute must, but a vital first step for every job hunter to ensure your CV ticks the boxes required, and if it doesn’t you’ll simply fall at the first hurdle.”

The CV People team have identified key dos and don’ts when writing a CV to maximise your chance of success:

Keep it relevant to the positions you are applying for and limit your detailed work experience to the previous ten years. This should highlight your skills, duties and achievements over that period.

Be truthful – if you are caught out lying or exaggerating on your CV this will likely result in dismissal if you are offered the job.

Fill in the gaps – it is not unusual to have gaps on your CV but they need to be justified.

Keep your personal profile short and to the point. A paragraph detailing your experience, your motivations in applying for the position and your future aspirations will suffice.

Remove the photo – discrimination is still rife in the workplace.

Remove personal details, as this is also a privacy concern. Simply list your mobile number, the city in which you live and your email address.

Remove the references – this space can be better utilised detailing your suitability for the position. If you are successful at interview, the prospective employer will ask you for reference details.

Get the formatting perfect – make sure the fonts, sizes, spaces are the same throughout the document. An untidy CV will get immediately rejected.

The most important – spelling and grammar errors. It is absolutely essential the content is well written, informative and free from mistakes. Have someone proofread your CV or send it to CV People for a free review.

If you think your CV could do with a professional touch contact CV People UK. They have recently relocated their global head office to Harrogate, where their expert writers have more than 320 combined years’ experience writing CVs in more than 40 different industries. Contact them today or visit their website for lots more professional advice.

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