This is how to find the secret one-handed keyboard on your iPhone

There's another hidden feature on your iPhone that you may not know about, and this one is incredibly useful.

First press and hold down the emoji icon on your keyboard

With the latest iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X being the biggest currently on the market, it can be difficult to use the screen.

Many of us are used to typing on our iPhone keyboard using just one hand but the size of the new phone makes this increasingly difficult.

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However, Apple have released a hidden feature in their lates iOS 11 update which will make the whole experience a lot easier.

You can then choose to shift your keyboard to the left or right

A secret one-handed keyboard mode is easily available in the new update and will help the small-handed amongst us.

Once activated, the phone's keyboard is scrunched up to the left or right, meaning it's not spread out across the giant screen.

This makes it much easier to reach across the entirety of your keyboard with just one hand.

The feature is only available to some trial users for now and a worldwide release is expected later this year.

You can then choose to shift your keyboard to the left or right

To access the feature, first download the iOS11 update, open the keyboard and press and hold the emoji icon to the left of the space key.

This will bring up a smaller keyboard settings pop-up menu with three keyboard icons at the bottom.

You can now shift the keyboard to the right if you are holding the phone with your right hand or to the left if you're holding it in your left hand.

To revert back to the original settings, tap the arrow in the blank space created by the moving keyboard.

If you're using a Plus version of the iPhone 6, 7 or 8, the result will be a keyboard closer in size to that of the smaller 4.7-inch version of that device.

Happy typing.