How I massaged Carrie the kitten back to life

Kim Breckon with kitten Carrie.
Kim Breckon with kitten Carrie.
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A KITTEN who became paralysed from the neck down after falling from a fridge has learned to walk again, thanks to massage.

Carrie the kitten has now cheated death twice after she was rescued by Kim Breckon, 41, at just three weeks old.

Kim Breckon with kitten Carrie.

Kim Breckon with kitten Carrie.

After nursing Carrie and her brother Cash - named after the Cash and Carry building they were found behind - back to full health, Ms Breckon was devastated when she opened her kitchen door in March this year to see Carrie lying limp and unable to move.

However, after a poor prognosis from the vets, Ms Breckon took two weeks off work to massage Carrie’s muscles and spine and, six weeks later, the pretty puss was able to put weight on her paws.

Speaking of the moment she discovered Carrie couldn’t walk, Ms Breckon, who works for a private training company, said: “Her front paw was completely dead and when I put her down she just flopped.

“We weren’t sure what had happened at that point but the vet agreed that she may have fallen off the fridge in the night and damaged her neck and spine.

“I had to decide if it was time to let her go because the vet thought she wouldn’t survive and if she did she may never be mobile again.”

Despite showing no signs of improvement, the vets allowed Ms Breckon to take Carrie home and it was there that she started to make her miraculous recovery.

Ms Breckon, from Hove Edge, near Brighouse, West Yorkshire, said: “I got Carrie home at 10pm that night and put her in the litter tray.

“Immediately she used it, which was a sign that her internal organs were functioning.”

Ms Breckon took Carrie to her own vet for a second opinion and used home video recordings of her beloved pet to show vets that despite ‘suddenly becoming paralysed again’ in the vets the frightened feline was actually progressing really well.

Ms Breckon said: “She could have quite easily given up but has amazing determination.”

The use of a second of her nine lives has amazed Ms Breckon after Carrie’s struggle as a tiny kitten.

Ms Breckon, who volunteers for Harvey’s Army, a charity that helps reunite lost and stolen animals, had discovered Carrie’s injured mother after she had been called out to help a cat found to have been in a car accident.

However, Ms Breckon had to go back to the area after someone told her they had heard more meowing nearby.

Ms Breckon said: “We didn’t know the mother had had kittens until we got through all the sharp brambles.

“At the end were these two kittens full of cat flu at death’s door. Their mum had carried on taking care of them really well, despite having a maggot infested leg but I didn’t think they’d survive.”

Ms Breckon named Carrie’s mum Trio after she had to have her leg amputated but she has since been adopted into a foster home and is now flourishing and called Amber.

Ms Breckon added: “All the cats are doing really well amazingly. Carrie has certainly used two of her nine lives so far - if not more!”

Westley Pearson, Director of Claims and Marketing at pet insurer Animal Friends, said: “Veterinary treatments are advancing at an incredible rate. Injuries and illnesses that would have been life-ending even a few years ago are now treatable, and animals are thriving after some really worrying accidents.

“Owners like Kim know that giving up is just not an option, and as pet owners we know our pets better than anyone.”