How Jimmy Savile targeted hospital patients in Leeds

  • Leeds General Infirmary at centre of Savile probe
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SIX new victims of Jimmy Savile have come forward at Leeds General Infirmary.

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Leeds General Infirmary

Leeds General Infirmary

A new report following on from an investigation last June has revealed additional police investigation were launched as a result of victims coming forward following publicity around Savile’s actions in Leeds.

The new claims include a 14-year-old boy who was touched inappropriately by Savile in 1994. As he walked away, Savile told the boy, “I bet that cheered you up”.

Other victims include a 29-year-old male touched by Savile while he recovered from surgery and a 21-year-old trainee nurse grouped at the hospital.

Another shocking claim comes from a witness, refereed to as TB, who found Savile in the hospital mortuary.

The entertainer claimed to have “interfered with the bodies of deceased patients”

Savile report

Hospital officials says it was never proved this was Savile, but the nurse in question thought it was the DJ.

The report says: “TB recalled that the ward sister told her “to be careful and come back if the pink haired man is there.” TB recalls that when she went to the mortuary “he was there so I turned round and went back to the ward.” TB stated that this was the first time she had been made aware of the pink haired man, but “I wasn’t aware that there was anything to be worried about because I had seen him cleaning windows around the hospital for some time.” When we asked who TB thought the “pink haired man” was, TB was convinced that he was Savile.”

The Leeds mortuary claim comes as the Stoke Mandeville report made clear that “Savile was known to be creepy and that he had a fondness for taking bodies to the mortuary”.

The Stoke report adds: “A witness, an occupational therapist, recalls that some time between 1986 and 1989 ‘I was treating a patient following some hand surgery.

Jimmy Savile opening a hospital ward

Jimmy Savile opening a hospital ward

“’I cannot remember his name – my recollection is of an older man… and possibly a former hospital porter… This man told me that Jimmy Savile had been seen trying to have sexual intercourse with dead bodies in the hospital mortuary.’”

Three other NHS trusts in Yorkshire published reports on Savile’s activities today.

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said it had examined a claim from a former student nurse about an incident during a placement in a Mencap nursery in Leeds between July 1981 and July 1982.

She said was told by the nursery “not to let Savile near the children”. The investigators decided that “any reference to Savile was a nuisance to residents in the area he lived, rather than a threat to children.”

The trust said today: “The investigation concluded that any possible comment made by the tutor to keep Savile away from the children at the Mencap nursery would have been made in order to protect them and the staff from the nuisance and intrusive nature of Savile’s behaviour. It would not have been made with any knowledge that Savile posed a risk to them in terms of abuse.”

Another allegation came from a former patient in the Royal Halifax Infirmary during the mid 1970s.

Julie Dawes, deputy chief executive and director of nursing at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT) said the trust has thoroughly investigated the allegations and has been unable to find any evidence of Savile having any link to the Royal Halifax Infirmary at that time.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service looked at Savile’s involvement with the former West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service, mainly between 1975 and 1995.

Steve Page, executive director for Standards and Compliance at Yorkshire Ambulance Service said, “Our investigation has found no evidence that Savile had committed any acts of sexual abuse during his association with us and our predecessor organisations.

“We recognise that it was entirely inappropriate for Savile to have had the access to ambulance service staff and patients that he did. It is regrettable that this level of access was available to him and we recognise the potential increased risk to patients and staff during this time.”


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