How a Knaresborough Parkrun could see visitors flocking to Conygham Hall

A drive to see more visitors at Knaresborough's treasured Conygham Hall is well underway, with organisers now revealing their ambition to establish a new park run.

So far there has been a fantastic reaction to events held in conjunction with the Harrogate and Toy Library to draw more visitors to the grounds

Knaresborough Town Council (KTC) has said that talks are now underway with a group to establish its own version of the free weekly 5km held in Harrogate.

Councillor Hannah Gostlow said the run could help bolster the number of visitors to the town, using facilities like the tennis courts and kiosk in the grounds, and compliments other long-term goals to install new facilities at Conygham Hall.

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She said “We believe a park run would be such a good activity in this area, showing off the many different features of the landscape and get people coming back there,not just for the run but visiting the area. Its free, accessible and for everyone.”

She added:“I think we just have to start looking at it in a more creative way, who we are not catering for and get things to pull them in. The area is so beautiful and could hold facilities that Knaresborough currently lacks. I know we would love to see an adventure playground, something tieing in with the setting to get children in, along with more events to get people to visit that part of town.”

A working group was formed earlier this year after discussions were held between KTC and Harrogate Borough Council over the use of the facility. Events in conjunction with KTC, the Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library, HBC have so far drawn more younger children.