This is how much unsecured debt the average Leeds person has today

The average person in Leeds has more than £12,000 of unsecured debt, as a recent survey found personal debt soared by two thirds in the last three months.

The average level of personal debt held by people in Leeds is now £12,973.96, according to the latest UK Personal Debt Index (PDI) from CreditFix.

But the level of borrowing in Leeds is lower than the national average of £19,996.

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he PDI is compiled quarterly by Creditfix, the UK’s largest personal insolvency practice, following a survey of over 60,000 individuals across the country.

Unsecured debt refers to any debt that is not protected by a guarantor or asset; this includes bank loans, credit cards and payday loans.

Terry Sweeney, CEO of Creditfix, said it was not uncommon for people to struggle at this time of year. He said: “The three months leading up to Christmas are always an expensive time, with pressures mounting to recreate the perfect festive occasion with gifts, parties and food all to pay for.

"In many ways, these figures are not unexpected but they do also reflect a longer-term issue for individuals who have a history of financial concerns.

“The new year is a great opportunity for individuals to resolve to tackle their money worries head on. "It is quite understandably a very sensitive and worrying issue to deal with – particularly if these individuals don’t share the burden with loved ones – but in January, we would implore people to take a deep breath and seek professional advice.”