How to spot if your baby is developing hay fever - and how to relieve it

It's not always easy to know what is wrong with your baby when they are clearly in discomfort.

Is your baby developing hay fever?

Questions swirl round parents' minds. Do they have a cold? Have they got a temperature? Are they hungry?

But did you stop to consider the possibility of hay fever?

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The common seasonal allergy, which is rearing its head for millions of people following the warm weather and high pollen count over the Bank Holiday, is well known in adults. But did you know that babies and toddlers are also susceptible to they summer condition?

Is your baby developing hay fever?

Early signs of the development include babies rubbing their eyes through itchiness, a constant runny nose and sneezing, much like the symptoms of adults.

Although viruses may cause similar symptoms, your child shouldn't have a temperature and the symptoms wont clear up in a few days as they would with a cold.

It is important to visit your doctor if you think your child has hay fever, so it can be correctly diagnosed and treated.

How can you relieve your child's symptoms?

Take note of the pollen forecast and be aware of when a high count is predicted.

When the count is high, keep your child away from grass, gardens and parks, especially if grass has just been cut.

Wash your child's face with cool water to remove any pollen stuck to them.

You can spread some child friendly nasal balm around their noses, to try and stop the pollen from sticking around that area.

Wash your child's hair after being outdoors.

Don't sry clothes or bedding on the washing line on high pollen days.

If your pet has been outside, give it a good wipe down to get rid of any pollen in their fur.