How third runway will pay off for Yorkshire

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From: Matt Gorman, Sustainability Director, Heathrow Airport.

THE Committee on Climate Change found that aviation can grow by 60 per cent while still meeting the UK’s climate change targets, which allows a third runway alongside growth in the regions (The Yorkshire Post, June 14). A third runway would also deliver £100bn in net present value to the UK. That’s more than any other option for new runway capacity. And while the current constraint on new routes at Heathrow mean the majority of regional passengers have no choice but to fly long-haul via other European hubs, our Task Force for Regional Connectivity will develop proposals on how regional air links can be improved through expansion at Heathrow.

The result for passengers would be more choice, lower fares and better service. People in Yorkshire could benefit from additional flights from Leeds-Bradford to Heathrow with a third runway, better connecting the county to the fastest growing economies around the world. We already have one of the world’s most successful hub airports in Heathrow. Building on this strength will take Britain further by supporting trade, in-bound tourism and investment that will allow the whole of the UK to compete and win in the global race for growth.