YP Letters: Doncaster should have been chosen over Heathrow for airport expansion

From: CB Booth, Birkin, Knottingley.

Does HS2 offer value for money?

YP Letters: HS2 will only drain the regions’ talent

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

25 May 2018.... Transdek managing director Mark Adams on their site near Doncaster. Picture Scott Merrylees

Meet the boss who has saved his clients a total of 1.5 billion road miles

Britain needs to find an extra 50,000 lorry drivers. Mark Adams, the MD of Transdek, is helping the big players to manage their fleet more efficiently. He met Deputy Business Editor Greg Wright.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is facing fresh questions this week over his decision-making.

Tom Richmond: New questions for Chris Grayling on Carillion HS2 connection to add to his woes

THE tricky questions keep mounting for Chris Grayling who is enduring another torrid week as Transport Secretary when, frankly, he should have resigned – or been sacked – long ago.

Should the HS2 route be altered in South Yorkshire?

YP Letters: Stress of HS2 route threat to our home

From: Helen Bladen, Ludwell Hill, Barnburgh, Doncaster.

There has been widespread opposition to the so-called 'M18 route' for HS2 in South Yorkshire - and there are now growing doubts over whether a parkway station will be built in the area.

Is £300m Yorkshire HS2 parkway station about to hit the buffers?

People living in South and West Yorkshire were offered a potential £300m HS2 station to make up for the route being diverted through their neighbourhoods. But will it actually happen? Chris Burn reports.
MP John Healey says HS2 should release its feasibility study into a potential South Yorkshire parkway station.

HS2 'plain wrong' to keep £300m Yorkshire parkway station report secret

HS2 has refused to publish an internal report on whether plans to build a £300m parkway station in the Yorkshire countryside is feasible.
Do you suppot HS2 or should it be scrapped? Readers of The Yorkshire Post are divided.

YP Letters: We should celebrate HS2 as chance to transform regions

From: David Reed, Houses Hill, Huddersfield.

Will HS2 be good for Britain or not?

YP Letters: Capacity, not speed, means we need HS2

From: Dr Alex Strickland, Liverpool.

Will HS2 boost the economy or not?

YP Letters: HS2 is a pointless scheme going nowhere fast

From: Dr David Hill, CEO, World Innovation Foundation, Huddersfield.

Is HS2 still the best use of transportm funding?

YP Letters: Wrong line of thought over route for HS2

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

What will HS2 mean for Yorkshire?

The Yorkshire Post says: Carillion, HS2 and Leeds - what next?

FOLLOWING the financial collapse of overstretched construction giant Carillion after the HS2 and public sector contractor announced half-year losses of £1.15bn, the Government remains steadfast in its commitment to high-speed rail.

Should HS2 take precedence over other rail schemes?

YP Letters: Why the case ofr HS2 does not stack up

From: Geoff Marsden, Buxton Avenue, Heanor.

The proposed HS2 route through South Yorkshire was altered in 2016.

HS2 consultation on South Yorkshire route won’t be rerun despite demolition figure ‘error’

Consultation on the route of HS2 through South Yorkshire will not be reopened despite the Government admitting a comparison of housing demolition figures used to help justify altering the line’s direction in 2016 were wrong by at least 40 per cent.

Is HS2 still justifiable or not?

YP Letters: Challenge to HS2 to debate rival scheme

From: Colin Elliff, Civil Engineering Principal, High Speed UK.

MP Kevin Barron has highlighted the altered figures.

Government admits HS2 demolition comparisons between Meadowhall and M18 routes were incorrect

A comparison of housing demolition figures used to help justify changing the HS2 route through South Yorkshire was wrong by at least 40 per cent, the Government has admitted.


Maverick railway engineers from Yorkshire hoping to stop HS2 in its tracks

Two railway engineers from Yorkshire believe they have come up with an alternative to HS2 which could save £20bn. Chris Burn reports on their fight to convince the Government.

The proposed HS2 route through South Yorkshire was altered in 2016.

YP Letters: HS2 will not make it past Birmingham

From: Harry Bendon, Leeds.

Should HS2 be scrapped to pay for Brexit?

Chloe Westley: Axe HS2 to save taxpayers’ Brexit bill

REPORTS suggest that the Government has agreed to a financial settlement with the EU of up to £50bn. Given the incessant negative coverage of Brexit in the broadcast media – even when the underlying conditions are not the disaster that was predicted – it was refreshing to hear that there was progress with talks.

A protest against the HS2 'M18 route' in South Yorkshire

Changing tracks on HS2: How David Higgins hopes economic case will change opposition in Yorkshire

HS2’s chairman believes new research claiming high-speed rail will help tackle Yorkshire’s productivity crisis can change minds about the divisive scheme. Chris Burn reports.
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