Huddersfield Town wins battle against travellers on training ground

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HUDDERSFIELD TOWN today enjoyed one of their biggest wins of the season - after repelling a group of travellers intent on setting up camp at the club’s training ground.

Eight caravans, believed by club sources to be travelling from Manchester to Peterborough, arrived in the Leeds Road area of the town shortly before noon.

One of the caravans made it on to the car park that sits next to Town’s £4m Canalside training complex.

The others, however, were stopped by the quick thinking of staff at Canalside.

After a groundsman had spotted the one interloper on the site, a barrier at the end of the drive leading to the complex was quickly closed and three men posted at the entrance to make sure no other vehicles entered.

The seven remaining caravans parked up on various parts of Leeds Road, one even unfolding a washing line and pegging out various items of clothes.

With the staff guarding the Canalside entrance making it clear no other vehicles would be allowed on to the property, a stand-off ensued that only ended shortly before 4pm when the one caravan that had made it into the car park suddenly moved on, closely followed by the other seven.