Huge area closed after tidal surge

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SAFETY fears following last week’s tidal surge have led to the closure of a huge area used for flood management in the region.

Alkborough Flats, at the confluence of the Trent and the Ouse in North Lincolnshire, were badly hit by the flooding.

Now North Lincolnshire Council has closed the area ahead of repairs, describing it as “extremely unsafe”.

Officials say the surface of several miles of footpath and access tracks have been washed away and a lot of the site is covered in deep water and some by mud and sediment.

The area stored huge amounts of water following the surge and prevented the floods in the area from being even worse.

Councillor Nigel Sherwood, cabinet member for highways and neighbourhoods, said it was hoped to carry out the repairs as soon as possible.

“People’s safety is of the upmost importance, which is why we 
have taken to decision to close Alkborough Flats until they 
are safe for people to visit,” he said.

Alkborough Flats covers 1,090 acres of low lying land where the River Trent and Ouse meet.

It has been developed as part of the Environment Agency’s flood risk management strategy in the area.

It is designed to act as a flood storage area in times of extreme weather, mainly during tidal surges to reduce the impact of flooding along the Trent, Ouse and Humber.