Hull City striker voices fears at football's return

HULL CITY striker Josh Magennis has spoken of his personal fears at returning to football and being potentially susceptible to contracting Covid-19 when the Tigers head back to training.

Josh Magennis. PICTURE: PA.

The Northern Ireland international confirmed that he and his team-mates were preparing for a return to the club's training base on Monday, but has a sense of trepidation - despite being confident that Hull would make the environment as safe as possible to train in.

Magennis - who has spent lockdown at his family home in Manchester, but is planning to have to relocate back to Hull, said: "I am concerned to be honest with you.

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"You read what's going on in the news. At the start we were told that it might not effect people with asthma too much, but now we hear that asthma is on the list of things that make people vulnerable.

"I have asthma, I've had it for 10 years, and my youngest son has it. I wouldn't say it is severe, but it is enough to disrupt what he is doing, especially when he is exercising.

"I also saw on the news recently that ethnic minorities, black men and women, are more likely to suffer severe consequences if they catch coronavirus.

"You are reading all of this and, you know what it is like when you are at home, there are loads of things going through your mind. You're wondering what is going to happen."

On concerns about changes to his daily routine, the former Bolton Wanderers player continued: "My wife and I haven't had to leave home since we went into lockdown, we have just stayed at home and haven't had to see anyone else.

"I have no problem with the thought process of going back to training - we all have to go back - but it is the extra exposure that will come with it. There will be uncertainty just coming and going from training.

"To go back to training will mean I will have to go back to my home in Hull. To do that will mean I will have to go shopping there, be around more people and even do small things like having to fill up my car."

Earlier this week, Watford captain Troy Deeney said he will not return to training amid concerns for his own son's health, as well as that of BAME players.

Deeney has said he is unwilling to train in the current circumstances, citing concerns he raised during a Premier League meeting featuring all 20 captains.