Hull wind farm objections ‘clearly damaging’

Karl Turner, Labour MP for Hull East.
Karl Turner, Labour MP for Hull East.
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Hull MP Karl Turner has criticised a Bill which calls for offshore wind farm production to be banned within 15 miles of the coast.

During the Bill’s second reading, Tory backbencher Christopher Chope justified his proposal by claiming the construction of wind farms were propped up with taxpayer subsidies and their profits funnelled overseas.

Mr Chope criticised the Government subsidies which have paved the way for Siemens and ABP to invest in wind turbine production in Hull, but Labour’s MP for Kingston upon Hull East, Mr Turner, hit back during the Bill’s second reading.

Mr Turner said: “(The Bill) is very damaging to East Yorkshire and my region of Hull. We’ve just attracted a £310 million investment, joint investment, from Siemens and ABP, an investment into my area which will absolutely change the prospects for people in the city and the wider region.

“I think it’s particularly disappointing that this Bill would very clearly damage something which has not quite started yet.”

Mr Chope replied: “What you are describing is a situation where because the Government is intent on this manic proposal to build so many offshore wind farms and because most of the technology is from overseas and almost all the profits from those wind farms go back overseas, the Government has decided that the only way it can try to mitigate the situation... is by trying to put additional subsidies into supporting the manufacturing industry in places like the area you (describe).”

Labour’s David Hanson (Delyn) said Mr Chope represented a narrow viewpoint, adding: “I happen to think we could be, should be and are world leaders in offshore wind.”