Humberside doesn’t exist, Royal Mail tells firms at last

Humberside has been removed from the post map
Humberside has been removed from the post map
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AN MP has scented victory in his long-running campaign to get the name “Humberside” dropped from postal addresses after the Royal Mail finally caved in to pressure and told businesses it no longer exists.

Many residents have complained that despite the county of Humberside being abolished nearly 20 years ago, the name continues to appear on post.

Now the Royal Mail is reminding commercial customers including online businesses who use their so-called “alias” file to cross-check and amend historic address data against current information, they don’t need to use county references when sending post.

It goes on to advise: “Should you choose to use a county name please be aware that areas such as Humberside, Avon, Cleveland, Hereford and Worcester ceased to exist several years ago and are therefore no longer relevant for use when you are addressing your mail.”

Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart, who has been trying to get rid of the name for the past four years, said the next step was for the Royal Mail to stop providing customers with the file with the old county names.

He said: “We are not there yet, but I am very hopeful we will get the right result.

“Because the county name is not part of the address they claim it is not something they have to fix and claim most people don’t use it.

“On one occasion I sent them a copy from the Royal Mail marketing department trying to sell credit cards to my wife which had the name North Humberside on it.

“Royal Mail must stop providing its customers with the file with these old county names in it, and then we will be rid of Humberside on our envelopes for good.”

A spokeswoman from the Royal Mail said it had been their intention to delete references to counties like Humberside some time ago, but major clients insisted on keeping the county information.

She added: “We do encourage external organisations not to use or rely on the county information.”

Created in 1974, from portions of the East and West Ridings of Yorkshire and parts of Lincolnshire, Humberside was never popular, and a campaign to have the name scrapped began almost immediately after its abolition in 1996.

However it is still very much in evidence in the name of the police, fire brigade and radio station, to name just three.