Humbled at 91 by a marvellous young doctor

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From: Connie Hird, Mount Drive, Bridlington.

I WAS humbled when I read the article about Dr Kate Granger (Yorkshire Post, June 14).

I am 91 and although fit and active and still driving my car, enjoying line dancing and on no medication, I do occasionally get depressed when I consider I live totally on my own, although I do have a large circle of very good friends.

I have no family here, my only daughter Barbara lives and working in North Carolina, though we do speak to each other on the telephone each Sunday.

I now intend to count my blessings more often after reading about this marvellous lady.

Only 30-years-old and she should be looking forward to a long, dedicated life ahead in her chosen profession which she has studied and worked hard towards.

For her and her husband to be given this dreadful prognosis and still she is carrying on working in the career she loves and is so suited for, helping others in such a caring way, makes me feel I have nothing to be worrying about.

I would just like to say how much I admire Dr Granger, and her patients are fortunate to know her.