Hungry fast food fans dismayed after KFC runs out of chips at Leeds branch

There was no finger lickin' good feast for fans of fast food chain KFC when a Leeds branch ran out of fries.

No fries at the fast food joint - KFC in the White Rose Centre.

Hungry shoppers at the White Rose Centre yesterday were stunned to discover that the chicken and chips outlet was only serving a limited menu as it had run out of fries.

Notices were plastered all over the counters and menus yesterday putting punters off their food.

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Patrick O'Dwyer, 57, had taken four grandchildren to their favourite fast food joint for a treat but they ended up having to go McDonalds next door - which he added was doing a roaring trade picking up extra custom.

He said: "It is like a fish and chip shop with no fish. People were just stood there looking confused and could not comprehend what was going on. I can see the funny side but at the time I had four hungry kids saying 'why are there no chips?'

"I have had different businesses and would have felt so bad - you would have just done something to get around it. It is a multi-million company and the issue was something so simple."

The Yorkshire Evening Post tried to contact the White Rose branch of KFC but no-one was available for comment. However, the fast food giant has seen stocks of chicken and chips run out at other restaurants across the country and said it was due to issues with suppliers.