Husband reveals the miracle of perfect match

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A HUSBAND who underwent a transplant operation told yesterday how he and his wife had proved they were the perfect match when she donated a kidney to save his life.

David Marshall, 37, of Brincliffe Edge, Sheffield, had been suffering with health problems for several years and medics in the city diagnosed him with kidney failure.

They told him he needed a transplant, and his father came forward to donate, but tests showed the operation would not work, leading to Mrs Marshall stepping in.

Mr Marshall, who is now recovered and runs a florist in Dore, Sheffield, with his wife, said he decided to share the couple’s story to mark World Kidney Day on March 8.

He added: “It was a shock when we discovered I couldn’t have my dad’s kidney. However my wife kindly offered me hers, and she went for some tests. Thankfully she was a match.”

The operation took place in December 2009 but since then the couple have both enjoyed excellent health and Mr Marshall’s earlier debilitating symptoms have disappeared.

He added: “I went home on New Year’s Day 2010 with a fresh outlook on life. The surgery has revolutionized our lives, and I cannot thank Jo enough. Of course, she now has the ultimate argument winner!”

Mr Marshall is now the chairman of the Sheffield Area Kidney Association, which helps kidney patients and their families cope with kidney failure and raises money to support kidney research.

Mrs Marshall said: “I can live with just one kidney, but both of David’s were failing. Since the operation we’ve both been feeling great and we’re really glad we went ahead with it.

“We can now both enjoy working on the florist business together. I look after the floristry while David runs the business side, so we’re the perfect match!”

Dr William McKane, a consultant nephrologist at the Sheffield Kidney Institute who treated Mr Marshall, said: “It’s very pleasing to see David and Jo doing so well after the transplant.

“It’s fantastic that in this case Jo was a match for David and the operation was a success.”

The Sheffield Kidney Institute is one of the country’s leading kidney transplant centres, with a catchment population of 1.8 million people across South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire. Each year it carries out about 60 transplants, of which about a third are living donor transplants.